How do you work with adults who are learning English?

For older English as an Additional Language learners I also vary the methods of learning, emphasising a lot of listening to English and then speaking as much as possible.

As with my other lessons, I begin with a discussion about the learner's needs, interests, previous experience and concerns, before drawing up a personalised programme.

A two hour lesson for an adult learner of English might include:
  • 20 minutes chat about what's been happening since our last lesson (66% learner speaking, 33% me speaking!)
  • 20 minutes looking at a specific point of grammar, with lots of examples and practical applications (not very much like school)
  • 30 minutes of watching a video online and discussing what we're listening to, emphasising the practical use of the grammar taught earlier
  • 40 minutes of work based on the learner's specific interests - professional vocabulary, phrases for travelling, preparing a presentation etc
  • 10 minutes summarising what we've learnt and how it can be applied to the learner's situation

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