How do you work with teenagers?

I work with French teenagers who are learning English, basing my work on a knowledge of what they are expected to know from school, and 'filling in' any gaps in that basic knowledge. From there we aim to have a lot of fun as we increase confidence both in spoken English and in the practical application of the grammar they've already learned in school. We use videos, magazines, and the learner's own interests to personalise the lessons.

I work with English speaking teenagers to support their written work, often helping them to explore English literature and a mature English writing style, which they are not able to learn in French school. If they are aiming for a particular exam I can support and advise, and tailor our work towards that qualification. Alternatively, we can simply work to keep up to speed with British, American or other anglophone students of their own age.

I work with dyslexic teenagers or those with other difficulties to improve their learning style, note taking, revision techniques etc. These skills can cross over from English into French.

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